Tijani Literature Online

Welcome to Tijani.org, a website devoted to research on the Tijaniyya Sufi order.
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Background to Tijani.org

Tijani.org serves as the platform for the research initiative, “Tijani Literature Online.” This is primarily an academic endeavor, funded with a research grant from Northwestern University in Qatar to parallel the publication of the new book, Realizing Islam: the Tijaniyya in North Africa and the Eighteenth-Century Muslim World (UNC Press, fall 2020). This website hopes to speak to a larger conversation, both within academia and beyond, concerning the intellectual contributions of scholars associated with the Tijaniyya, mostly within North and West Africa from the eighteenth century to the present. Most particularly has been the ongoing attempt to collect a database of writings of Tijani authors, first initiated by Northwestern’s Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa.

Tijani.org was first established in 2006 with the permission of Shaykh Hassan Cisse. At that time, reliable online resources concerning the Tijaniyya in English were difficult to find. After a brief hiatus due to technical difficulties (2017-2020), the website has been repurposed for more explicit research purposes. But the website’s original focus on providing basic background on the history and doctrine of the Tijaniyya has been integrated within the more academic function of the current version.

“Tijani Literature”, here translated as al-Adab al-Tijani, invokes the multiple meanings of adab in Arabic. As a verb, aduba means to be cultured or refined; while the reflexive form adduba means to educate, discipline, or refine. As a noun, adab thus connotes both literature and the humanities, as well as propriety, moral refinement, and sound disposition. This website seeks to collect, network, and stimulate further research within the framework of decorum and respect for diverse scholarly perspectives.

Realizing Islam: the Tijaniyya in North Africa and the 18th Century Muslim World By Zachary Wright

(University of North Carolina Press, 2020)

Tijani Scholars